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Changing Room Mats - Anti-slip Hygienic Mats

Changing room mats are ideal for placement in and around gyms, locker rooms, changing rooms. The anti-slip matting is specially formulated to resist growth of microbial bacteria and is soft to the touch, so perfect for bare feet. Reduce the risk of slips and falls due to slippery wet floors.

Range of Usage Intensity:
The changing room mats range from medium to light duty for commercial use or public facilities.

Range of Materials:
The changing room mats are made from 100% PVC or a 50% Polyethylene, 50% EVA Escorene mix.

Range of Patterns:
The changing room mats are available in a wave pattern or a gritted-diamond pattern.

Range of Thickness:
The changing room mats range from 9 mm to 14.3 mm thick.

Range of Sizes:
The changing room mats are available in tiles that be connected to form any shape or size, with bevelled edges to prevent tripping, or in full roles that can be connected width-wise.

Product Price
Akwadek™ Hygienic Anti-slip Mat - Heavy Duty

Hygienic matting prevents slips and falls in wet slippery areas around swimming pools, shower areas and changing rooms.  Warm and comfortable for bare feet.  The open grid offers excellent drainage. Connectors available to extend in the length, width or 90-degrees.

12mm thick 
Available in  60cm, 91cm or 122cm wide rolls or per linear metre 
Choice of blue or grey.  



Akwadek™ Connectors - Mat Accessories

Black connector clips are compatible with the Akwadek™ hygienic anti-slip matting, to make it easy to cover larger areas by connecting multiple rolls in width-wise, lengthwise or making 90-degree corners. Akwadek™ heavy duty hygienic anti-slip matting is ideal for wet areas around swimming pools, shower areas and changing rooms.

Two available types for width-wise/lengthwise expansion or 90-degree connections
Available in black
Connectors sold individually



Gripwalker Lite™

Hygienic anti-slip wave matting is ideal for wet areas around swimming pools, shower areas and changing rooms.



Modular Lok-Tyle™

Modular Lok-Tyle™ is a multi-functional liner of strong PVC compound with great drainage characteristics and a slip-resistant top surface,  Easy snap-together tiles for custom installations.  



Modular Lok-Tyle™ Ramps & Corners

Ramps & corners for customization of the Modular Lok-Tyle™ hygienic anti-slip matting



Soft-Step™ Hygienic Anti-slip Mat - Light Duty

Soft-Step™ hygienic mats are light duty anti-slip matting that improve hygiene and safety.  Ideal for wet areas around swimming pools, shower areas and changing rooms with its anti-slip base. Soft and warm under bare feet.  9mm thick and produced in 60cm wide rolls.  Available in full rolls and custom lengths in white speckled, blue or beige.   Connectors are available for width-wise connections or extensions.



Soft-Step™ Connectors - Hygiene Mat Accessories

Connector clips for the Soft-Step™ hygiene mats for side-by-side connections. For use with the Soft-Step™ anti-slip hygiene mats for shower areas and changing rooms.  Available in 3 colours to match the Soft-Step™ range. We recommend to place 1 connector per 25 cm on flat even surface.  For uneven surfaces, reduce space between connectors.



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