Your professional mat supplier in the United Kingdom has the largest assortment of specialized industrial, professional and commercial matting products.So you can be sure we have the right mat for you. Plus we deliver every mat free of charge right to your door. No minimal order value or order quantity! With our team of Mat Experts dedicated to sharing their (matting) knowledge with customers, finding the right matting solution, in the correct dimensions and for the required amount of foot traffic has never been easier
Notrax Mats for Professional Use is prefered supplier of Notrax® matting. Therefore all our mats are of Notrax® quality. For more information, please visit Notrax®

Entrance mats

Keep your entrance area clean and presentable with these high quality entrance mats. Choose from (fully) customized dirt-scraping and moisture absorbing entrance matting solution for both the outdoors and indoors. With the choice in a variety of colours, you can be sure that the matting matches with the interior design too.

Logo mats 

Welcome guest and customers at the door with an appealing entrance mat with your company logo and welcome text. Choose from 100 standard colours or let us know your exact RGB, PMS or CYMK colours for us to print. As each carpet yarn is printed, you can be sure that the colouring does not fade over time. In addition to the attractive appearance, the logo mats also provide dirt scraping and moisture absorbing capabilities! 

Rubbers Mats & Runners

Find the outdoor rubber mat that fits your entrance area, your work station or find a rubber flooring solution in the rubber mats & runners section. The matting solution in this section are suitable for general application use and are also available in oil resistant compound. Customizable in size to meet your dimension requirements.

Anti-fatigue & safety mats

Standing on cold and hard floors for lengthy period of time increase the risk of lower back pain, fatigue, pronation and other serious foot conditions. By standing on the correct anti-fatigue mat, the blood flow is stimulated which in turn decreases the fatigue and accidents whilst also improve the general work efficiency. In combination with the anti-fatigue characteristics, all the mats have an anti-slip function on both the top and under surface to keep the employees safe for slip hazards.

With the range of compounds in the assortment, you can find mats suitable for welding area, ESD areas, wet / oily areas, food processing areas and even electrical safety mats. All are available customization or for a modular solution. 

Pool mats

Hygiene and an anti-slip matting solution for changing rooms, shower rooms and swimming pools combined. All the mats in the range are antimicrobial treated, which means that the growth of microbial bacteria are resisted. Furthermore, these mats feel soft and warm for bare feet. The drainage slots allow for water, shampoos and lotions to drain through easily, leaving the top surface dry and anti-slip. 

Cable Protection

Protect cables and hoses with the all-weather cable protectors on Choose from 1-channel, 2-channel, 3-channel and 5-channel systems to meet your requirements and your cable thickness. Finally, choose the ramp system for your application!