Logo Mats

Logo Mats – Entrance Mats

Welcome your guests and business clients at your building entrance with a vibrant colourful branded logo mat.

Indoor and outdoor custom printed carpet mats are custom designed and printed with your design, image or logo. It is the perfect way to promote your company, brand, new products or personalize your entrance. From 100 standard colours to choose from, and even colour-matching possibilities to match the corporate identity, creating a bespoke mat has never been easier. With widths up to 200 cm (6 ft) and lengths to 6 meters (20 ft), Buymats is able to supply your custom sized printed mat to the exact dimensions your require.

Loose lay vs. Matwell

When measuring up the area for your mat with company logo on, it is important to establish whether its place on the floor will be in a matwell or for loose lay. In essence, a matwell is an area on the floor that has been cut-out especially to place an entrance mat in. A matwell can be situated both in indoor and outdoor areas. If the bespoke logo mat is indeed for a mat well, we recommend to measure the exact area (length and width) of the matwell together with the depth. You do not require the black vinyl edging, known as bevels.

If the promotional display mat is for loose lay, which means for placement on an existing carpet or tiled area, we recommend measuring the width of the doorway and the length into the hallway. We advise to choose for the black vinyl edging on all four sides. This is to minimize the risk of tripping and also to enhance the appearance of the mat.

Where can logo mats be placed?

The diversity of applications for high-detail logo mats is highly extensive. Take for example the entrance areas of local shops, supermarkets, bakeries and of course office buildings. Another great place for the logo mats are in the hospitality sector, such as restaurants and hotels. Not to forget, welcome passengers to the airport with a bright logo runner.

The mats are also designed to be suitable for the amount of foot fall that passes on the mat. Look out for icons next to the logo mats, depicting whether the mats are suitable for light , medium or heavy foot traffic.

Whichever application you may choose, there are options for the indoors and for usage outside under a roofed area.

Functional and promotional in one

Next to to the colourful and high definition printing aspects, the Notrax® branded logo mats on Buymats.co.uk are also functional. Just like with the entrance mats in the dust control matting range, the digitally printed mats are great at scraping dirt off shoe soles. Besides the scraping of dirt the mats absorb moisture. This ensures that both dirt and water are not tracked into your office or commercial building.

How to order your logo mat

Ordering your personalized logo mat from Buymats takes just a few easy steps. You can read just how easy this is on each of the individual logo mat pages, or you can read our article by clicking here.

Ensuring quality mats: The Notrax® brand

If you have concerns regarding printing or product quality, you need not worry longer as Buymats.co.uk supplies logo mats from the Notrax® brand. This means you can rest assured that your bespoke printed carpet is manufactured using the highest quality materials. The mats are also undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and safety. The ChromoJET printing mechanism, means each carpet fiber is printed with the correct colour for an outstanding printing result.