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Carpet Entrance Mats – Loose Lay

Carpet Entrance MatsCarpet Entrance Mats

Indoor Entrance Carpets mats are a great way to implement stylish matting in the foyer or hallway whilst maintaining the benefits of classic entrance mats. These hard-wearing barrier mats are designed for commercial and public usage.

Loose lay mats: Functional and attractive

Within this range of doormats, you will find standard sized carpet mats that meet the standard sizes of doorways. The mats are the top range entrance mat, which means that the dirt-scraping and the absorption of moisture are of the highest degree. Next, the luxurious appearance of these ground mats ensures that placement in your office building or store will provide an inviting welcome to business clients or customers.

Additionally, due to the high quality of dirt-scraping and moisture absorption for shoe soles, the rest of the building remains clean and presentable. In turn, cleaning expense is reduced together with a decreased risk of slipping on a wet floor. An insightful scenario of the effects can be read here.

Size possibilities for carpet doormats

The loose lay entrance mats are available in a range of sizes. First, there are standard sizes available that meet the normal doorways at offices, stores and airports. These mats all included black vinyl edging for an attractive appearance and to reduce the risk of tripping on the mat. Further, there is the possibility to order full rolls up to 20 meters in standard widths. If you are looking for a bespoke mat, with a specific dimension, we are able to customize widths up to 200 cm and lengths up to 20 meters.

Barrier matting: Easy to install

In short, after receiving your loose lay carpet mat from, unpack the mat from the box and place in your hall or doorway. That’s it! Your dirt-scraper mat is ready for use. You can give the mat a couple of hours to flatten completely, should this be necessary.

Door Mats for CarpetsDoor Mats For Carpets

A question we get asked a lot is whether you can use our door mats on top of carpets? The answer is yes. Our loose lay mats come with a grippy rubber backing which is perfect a range of surfaces. As you can see in the picture the bumps and divots in the rubber give the mat a lot of grips. This works whether the mat is on a hardwood floor or a carpet. This rubber is also soft enough not to damage the carpet underneath in any way. The rubber displaces the force of the footsteps. This means your carpets are often better off with a mat on top than without. Lots of our customers place our mats in high traffic areas to protect the carpet underneath.

Notrax® loose lay carpets

All the carpets mats on are Notrax® branded mats. Whichever mat and dimension have chosen, you can be sure you will receive a top-quality mat that is manufactured from the best materials. The intensive tests on all products ensure the doormats are tested on safety and durability.