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Carpet Accessories

Carpet Accessories for Entrance MatsCarpet Accessories has a large selection of carpet accessories to create the perfect finish to any carpet product.  Installation and customization has never been easier. With a few easy steps, you can cut; seam, glue and finish a carpet mat to suit your Entrance perfectly just like a professional installation saving you money. Plus to ensure your carpet does not move or shift, we have a number of products to keep your mat in place whether on smooth floors or on carpet. 

Stop loose lay carpets from shifting

A question that customer ask Buymats is whether the carpet mat will shift on their carpet or tiled flooring.  In most cases, especially for sizes above 60 cm x 90 cm, shifting will hardly occur due to the design and weight of the product. If you do choose for a smaller sized mat, we highly recommend ordering the carpet mat together with the Mat Hold to ensure the mat remains immobile. A sidenote on this product: This is only suitable for vinyl-backed carpet mats and not for the entrance rubber backed matting.

Anchor your indoor entrance mats

Available in full rolls or per linear meter, the Velcro Strip accessory can to anchor a loose lay carpet mat onto an existing carpet surface. Both carpets must have a loop pile for the desired effect of stopping the mats move moving. Recommendation: Glue the Velcro to the vinyl backing using the Notrax® Glue.

Fill your mat well

Have you found the ideal mat for your mat well, but the thickness is thinner than the depth of the mat well? Don’t worry; we have three recess fillers in different thicknesses. These can be cut to size to fit in the mat well to make the perfect thickness to place your mat onto. Perfect!