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Entrance Matting Systems – Indoor Installations

Entrance Matting Systems for Indoor InstallationsEntrance Matting System

The indoor matting installation systems from are in a nutshell scraping and absorbing Entrance Mats combined with a visually appealing aesthetics. Create an appealing entrance for colleagues, visitors and business contacts.

The benefits of proper entrance floor matting

Also referred to as wall-to-wall mats or project matting, the carpets in this category are specifically for large commercial entrances, such as the entrance to public buildings or other large commercial spaces that endure heavy amounts of foot traffic conditions. With customization possibilities from widths of 200 cm wide and full rolls up to 20 meters, coverage of large areas becomes easy with the Notrax® branded entrance floor mats.

Designed with the successful 3-zone matting solution, these luxury mats ensure the dirt and moisture in stopped at the foyer or entrance area. Whilst the main functionalities are the scraping of dirt and moisture from shoes, quality contract based matting also has positives effects for the indoor air quality, due to the removal of dust particles that would otherwise float in the airways of the building. Quality commercial entrance matting also reduces cleaning expenses and keeps entrances clean and presentable in-between cleaning rounds.

Applications of tailored entrance flooring

Making a good first impression straight at the entrance is a factor included within the entrance mats. The usage intensity of these entrance matting systems are for high traffic areas that have a wall-to-wall matting application. Think of places such as airports, public institutions and shopping centers. These mats are also possible to place on stairways.

How are indoor matting installations installed?

Whether placed loose on the floor, in a mat well or installed as a wall-to-wall application, the installation of the matting systems remains a straight-forward process. Once you have received your order, all you need to do is roll the carpet mat out in the designated area. The dust control mats can be used immediately. For the best effect, recommends to allow the mats to flatten completely over the course of a couple of hours.

The Notrax® brand: Quality and durability

When browsing the Internet or visiting your local carpet shop, you may wonder what differentiates the carpeted entrance flooring on over other suppliers for entrance matting. We present to you the Notrax® brand. In essence, the brand is built on the basis of using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Also important in this context is the fact that the entrance matting systems are tested for high traffic commercial areas under the subjects of safety and durability.