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Rubber Work Station Mats

Rubber Work Station MatsWork Station Mats

Rubber work station mats are used for anti-fatigue mats for individual work stations, open versions are used as rubber duckboards and rubber gratings to drain away water or oils in industrial or workshop applications.

Range of Usage Intensity:

The Rubber Mats are ideal for general purpose applications, industrial areas or even commercial buildings.

Range of Materials:

The rubber mats are made from 100% natural rubber for general purpose applications.  Oil-resistant and oil-proof anti-slip rubber mats are made from nitrile rubber compounds. 

Range of Patterns:

The rubber work station mats have ergonomic patterns such as bubbles or gritted for extra grip and anti-slip properties. Open rubber work station mats have holes for excellent drainage in wet areas. 

Range of Thickness:

The mats range from heavy duty to lightweight and range from 9 mm thick to 19 mm thick.

Range of Sizes:

The rubber mats are available in standard sizes.  Large rubber mats are also available or use connectors to cover larger entrances or areas by connecting large rubber mats together.  Modular rubber mats are also available.