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Modular Rubber Mats

Modular Rubber Mats for Industrial ApplicationsModular Rubber Mats

Working environments and conditions vary for different companies and different industries. Planning an effective plant layout can increase efficiency and reduce cost. Notrax® has created several modular, linear and standalone anti-fatigue matting series that are completely customizable and can be adapted to any plant layout.  Thereby also reducing fatigue, increasing productivity and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders that lead to long term absence.

Many factory or assembly plant layouts have been traditionally designed for high worker and machine utilization. As technology, product developments and the market are changing so rapidly, layouts are being redesigned for quality and flexibility, the ability to quickly shift to different product models or to different production rates.

Many facilities have moved towards cellular manufacturing layouts within larger process layouts, automated materials-handling equipment, especially automated storage and retrieval systems, automated guided vehicle systems, automatic transfer devices, turntables and other product to person solutions.

U-shaped production lines allow workers to see the entire line and easily travel between workstations. This shape allows the rotation of workers among the workstations along the lines to relieve boredom and relieve work imbalances between workstations.

Additionally, teamwork and improved morale tend to result because workers are grouped in smaller areas and communication and social contact are thereby encouraged by more open work areas with fewer walls, partitions, or other obstacles to clear views of adjacent workstations.
In many of these layouts, the worker’s scope of work is limited to direct surroundings, along an assembly line or along a U-shape. Workstation ergonomics have therefore become even more important as work has become more specialized and repetitive.

Various matting sizes and solutions

Standard sizes

Standalone mats are made in several standard sizes and are loose lay with no installation required which are ideal for individual workstations.

Custom Lengths

All mat rolls can be customized to the desired length.  The mats are then made to order and the edges are factoroy-finished with bevelled edges to prevent tripping. 

Modular mat systems

Modular mats can be easily assembled on-site with snap together units that can be assembled in any shape or form, even wall to wall configurations. Matting is also equipped with a tooled grid of cutting lines that makes further customization quick and easy.

All modular matting can be used as a freestanding mat or customized into just about any size to fit specific areas, around machinery or following assembly lines to create the most efficient and effective layout while ensuring the most efficient and ergonomic work station for workers.

Custom Mats

Custom configurations are tailor-made matting solutions that are made by our experience production team exactly to your design and dimensions.

Mat accessories

A complete line of accessories including curved mats for corners and circles, bevelled safety edges in various colours, line markings for safety zones, boundaries or walkways, and specialized ESD grounding accessories, etc. finish off the matting installation.

Various materials and compounds

Notrax® industrial matting is manufactured to withstand harsh industrial environments.  In order to achieve this, our modular mat solutions are manufactured in specialized compounds to meet the distinct needs of various industrial or production environments.

This variation in compounds allows companies to select only their specialized product characteristics needed such as oil resistance, ESD electro static discharge protection, fire retardant matting for welding areas, or a combination thereof. This keeps matting for general applications affordable while offering extremely specialized matting solutions.
The compounds connect seamlessly for easy transitions. The Notrax® product stamps clearly mark each mat with the product number and compound characteristics making it easy to distinguish between the various Rubber compounds.

Guide for ordering modular mats or custom size matting

  • Custom-designs for any specific work station are possible.
  • To order, simply provide a sketch that illustrates the shape, dimensions, and where the ramp edges are required.
  • You will receive our CAD drawing for approval.
  • Oversized mats are made in sections that interlock on site, to facilitate shipping and handling.