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Entrance Matting Systems - Indoor/Outdoor Installations

Entrance Matting Systems for Indoor and Outdoor InstallationsMatting Systems

Modular rubber entrance matting systems offer all the benefits of a mat tile that is easily installed, rearranged or replaced. What makes it revolutionary is the interlocking system that creates a durable and seamless connection that can be effortlessly installed without glue. With the ability to create a complete walkway transition from the outdoor to indoor the Master Flex™ series is the part of the new generation of entrance matting.

Master Flex™ tiles: Unlimited flooring configuration possibilities

The 50 cm x 50 cm tiles cover sizeable areas easily and can be assembled on-site for installation in recessed mat well frames in large entrances. The tiles combine natural rubber tiles with carpet tiles to create a complete floor matting system suitable for all weather types. The seamless connection of each individual tile allows for a fully indoor and outdoor integrated mat. In essence, the Master Flex™ really does provide the best of both worlds.

The benefit of proper Entrance Matting is to prevent dirt and grime from being tracked indoors and improves indoor air quality.  Entrance matting also reduces cleaning expenses and keeps entrances clean and presentable in-between cleaning rounds.  The configuration of the modular system allows for a quick drying effect on shoe soles. Further, dirt is also scraped off the shoes so that it is not tracked into the main section of your office building.

Application of the Master Flex™ series

This flexible entrance matting solution is primary recommended for high-end commercial entrances.  It is suitable to be placed in areas of heavy foot traffic such in the educational sector for schools and universities. The unlimited flooring configuration possibilities also allow for usage in the hospitality sector to welcome guests in restaurants and hotels. And of course, it is perfect for supermarkets and stores with the high level of foot fall. The placement is suitable for all year!

Endless configuration possibilities

With the connectable tiles of 50 cm x 50 cm, covering large areas or a mat well becomes easy and effective. You can decide how to design the carpeted tiles you want for indoor and the rubber connectable tiles for the outdoors. All in all, the Master Flexreally is the complete entrance matting system.

A Notrax® innovation

The Master Flex™ is a matting innovation that has the Notrax® brand. Purchasing Notrax® branded entrance installations means you will be buying high quality mats that have been tried and tested in commercial environments with heavy foot traffic.

Learning more about the Master Flex™

Buymats is extremely enthusiastic about the Master Flex™ range and you should be too! To learn more about this new generation indoor/outdoor matting system, read our article: “Introducing the Master Flex™ Series”.