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Heavy duty entrance mats

When you have heavy traffic going in and out of your building, you will need heavy duty entrance mats. These will make sure no dirt, dust or grime gets tracked inside which leads to high cleaning costs and liability concerns due to dirty and slippery wet entrances and floors.

Our heavy duty entrance mats work with a three zone system developed a solution divided in three different zones.

  • Zone 1: Scraping and drainage of water, dirt and debris
  • Zone 2: Scraping of fine debris and absorbing
  • Zone 3: Absorbing and drying

You can look through our different options for outdoor entrance mats for the in Zone 1 or our entrance matting systems for indoor installations for use of Zone 3. Have a look in our web shop and find the perfect  durable heavy duty entrance mats solution.

Contact us now for personal advice

Do you have any questions you want answered or would you like to receive some advice on the best solution for your situation? We are happy to help you with any of your inquiries. Call us at +44(0)121-368 0041 or send an email to When you are looking for heavy duty entrance mats, but you do not know what to use, we will help you finding the right product. 

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