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Ergonomic matting

When your employees are required remain on their feet for over four hours a day during their jobs, you should think of implementing ergonomic matting in your facility. These mats stimulate blood flow, which in turn increases productivity, lowers absenteeism and reduces chronic pain. This means that, financially, ergonomic matting is recouped multiple times over a short period of time. Maybe now, you are asking yourself why you did not implement these mats sooner?

Explore the different ergonomic matting options has a large range of ergonomic matting for different situations and environments. Explore the options on our web shop and use the simple comparison tool to find out what would work best for your intended application. Have a look at the following options:

Questions about the different options?

You can always call us at +44(0)121-368 0041 when you have any questions or need some advice on what type of ergonomic matting would work best for you. Or send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible. Together we certainly will find the best matting solution for your business.

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