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Covid-19 Mats

Corona Mats

At Buymats we work in close collaboration with our Designer. We have a large machine that can print with over 100 different colours at a surprising level of detail. We can print logos, images, texts or visuals of all kinds to best meet your needs and demands.

Lately, we have special carpets to meet the need for entrance carpets reminding users of the importance of respecting a safe distance. This will help to limit the contagion of COVID-19 as much as possible. See for example the special queue mat which will help your users to respect the safety distance.

Our printed rugs are high-quality professional rugs. They are made to order for you and printed on our most durable and absorbent carpet model: the Logo Imperial. This carpet has thicker and longer fibres, which makes it really durable and allows it to absorb even more moisture than the Standard model. Its slightly shiny threads give a truly luxurious appearance to the finished product: with deep and lively colours. As the printed carpets are of high quality, they combine functionality and appearance perfectly. Suitable for a large number of passages per day.

The advantages of printed carpets at a glance
They give your store a professional, hygienic and reliable look at first glance;
Wide choice of models tested and approved by professionals from many sectors;
  • It brushes dirt off shoes and absorbs moisture;
  • A printed carpet reduces cleaning and maintenance costs;
  • Carpets limit the risk of slips and falls;
  • Your soil is protected. By absorbing moisture and dirt the carpet protects your floor from wear;
  • Improves building air quality by collecting dust at the entrance.

Social Distancing Mats 

In these uncertain times, the coronavirus has become part of everyone's daily routine. If you're like me you've started washing your hands at every opportunity and noticing how often you touch your face. Social distancing measures are also having an effect on everyone's day to day life. A lot of shops are shutting and those that aren’t are taking extra precautions by giving their employees gloves and masks. The WHO (World Heath Organization) now has a list of recommendations on how to go about your life. 

WHO‌ Recommendations 

  • Wash your hands frequently 
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth 
  • If you have fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early 
  • Stay informed and follow the advice given by your healthcare provider 
  • Maintain social distancing (maintain at least a meter distance from strangers) 
  • Of these recommendations, there was one that caught my attention. Maintaining at least a 1-meter distance from people in public is difficult. There are many situations where we are used to standing close to other people. For instance on public transport, in a lift and in any form of queue. The problem is this relies on everyone knowing about the rule and participating in it.

    Social Distancing Mats 

    To help with this problem we thought it would be a good idea to educate people about social distancing using our printable mats. Using our logo mat printing machine we can place 1-meter markers on our longer mats to indicate how far away people should stand from each other. These can be used to anywhere people have to form a queue like supermarket checkout lines, banks and pharmacies.

    Hygienic and Anti-slip 

    As well as showing useful information our logo mats provide other benefits. Our mats are made from strong polyamide which is great for absorbing dirt and moisture of the bottom of shoes. The checkout lanes of a supermarket are often the area with the highest footfall. Often even if you haven't bought anything you need to exit through the checkouts. This can make it one of the dirtiest areas in the shop. Having a mat to absorb excess moisture and dirt in this area can be really beneficial.

    This high level of traffic can also result in the floor becoming slippery. A slippery floor is a health and safety concern which can be avoided by using a mat.


    Standing for long periods just on the floor can be uncomfortable. We provide a large selection of anti-fatigue matting that is great for people who need to stand all day at their jobs. However, our entrance matting also has some anti-fatigue benefits that your customers will enjoy. Standing on a soft mat instead of the hard floor is much more comfortable.

    Employee Safety (Crowds) 

    There are also benefits to supermarket employees when customers are more spread out. Recently plastic screens have become popular in many shops. These screens are placed in front of the checkout staff to protect them from any possibly infected customers. Often these screens cannot be too wide for practical purposes. By encouraging customers to keep their distance from each other you ensure a crowd does not form around your employee. The screen is not effective if employees are dealing with people working at the checkout at an unprotected angle. 

    Personalise Your Design 

    These mats can also be personalised any way you like. For all of our logo matting, our designer can do minor alterations to your design. If you would like us to add your logo or use your store colours we can! 

    Long Term Use 

    You might think these mats will not be useful in a few months when we get past this crisis. This is why you can keep your design very subtle with no panic inducing slogans about Corona. Even after the WHO no longer recommends maintaining the 1-meter distance these mats can still be beneficial. When standing in line at a checkout having somebody stand too close is always annoying. Encouraging people to keep their distance is not only good for hygiene but also security reasons. People underestimate how easy it is for their credit card information to be stolen. By encouraging people to maintain a respectable distance from the person at the front of the line you can lower the risk of their pin code being observed.

    Get In Contact 

    If you are looking for a matting solution for your the queue your customer's form, give us a call. We are always happy to help and advise you in your decisions. Matting with subtle distance recommendations are a great way to let your customers know you are taking the threat of COVID-19 seriously and you are following the WHO’s recommendations. Your customers and staff will be thankful.