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Covid-19 Mats

At Buymats we work in close collaboration with our Designer. We have a large machine that can print with over 100 different colours at a surprising level of detail. We can print logos, images, texts or visuals of all kinds to best meet your needs and demands.
Lately, we have special carpets to meet the need for entrance carpets reminding users of the importance of respecting a safe distance. This will help to limit the contagion of COVID-19 as much as possible. See for example the special queue mat which will help your users to respect the safety distance.
Our printed rugs are high-quality professional rugs. They are made to order for you and printed on our most durable and absorbent carpet model: the Logo Imperial. This carpet has thicker and longer fibres, which makes it really durable and allows it to absorb even more moisture than the Standard model. Its slightly shiny threads give a truly luxurious appearance to the finished product: with deep and lively colours. As the printed carpets are of high quality, they combine functionality and appearance perfectly. Suitable for a large number of passages per day.
The advantages of printed carpets at a glance
  • They give your store a professional, hygienic and reliable look at first glance;
  • Wide choice of models tested and approved by professionals from many sectors;
  • It brushes dirt off shoes and absorbs moisture;
  • A printed carpet reduces cleaning and maintenance costs;
  • Carpets limit the risk of slips and falls;
  • Your soil is protected. By absorbing moisture and dirt the carpet protects your floor from wear;
  • Improves building air quality by collecting dust at the entrance.