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Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor Entrance MatsOutdoor Entrance Mats

Suitable for all weather outdoor situations, the Buymats outdoor Entrance Mats provide the first line of defence in the battle against moisture, dirt and mud from shoe soles. The EU compliant entrance mats provide outstanding water drainage characteristics.

Exterior mats for the outdoor

The UV-light resistant outdoor mats in this category are available in standard sizes that fit the standard widths and length of the doorway. Look out for the matting solutions that have ramps. These provide easy access for wheelchairs, trolleys and prams. You can also choose from a customized dimension. This is a recommended option if you have a larger outdoor area to cover or if you wish to place exterior mats in a mat well.

Exterior mat applications

Everywhere! When you are walking down your local high street and past your favourite restaurant, there is a high chance a luxurious and accessible mat is placed on the ground. This makes an attractive appearance for guests in combination with the functionality of scraping dirt and moisture off shoes. Of course, this is also useful for foot traffic heading in your local bakery, supermarket and the entrance area of schools.  

Terraced areas vs. Out in the open

Depending on the outdoor area you wish to place the rubber exterior mats, we recommend taking into account if the mat will be under a roofed area or completely exposed to the elements. If the latter is the case, Buymats advises the mats that have an open structure. This allows for rain water to drain through, which allows for the surface of the mat to remain free of water and therefore avoids the risk of slipping on the mat.

If the mat is to be placed under an area that is covered by a roof, a closed or open structure is suitable. Do check how wet the mat becomes in case of heavy rainfall, to avoid any slipping accidents that could have been avoided!

Notrax® outdoor mats

In the outdoor entrance mats, you can find the traditional honeycomb mats, spaghetti mats and brush mats. The main difference: the Notrax® branded mats is designed for outdoor use in all weather conditions and are resistant to UV-light. As with all ground matting solutions of, the material used is of the highest quality and tested to meet European norms of safety.