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Welding Mats

Welding Mats - Industrial & Anti-Fatigue Mats

A wide selection of welding matting for various work environments providing the best solution for your company. Heavy duty interlocking anti-fatigue matting for the toughest industrial environments. Resistant to oil, chemicals, extreme temperatures, fire and welding sparks.

Best Flooring for Welding Shops

Welding shops have very specific requirements when it comes to flooring. It needs to be comfortable. You often spend a long hours standing up in your shop in awkward and difficult positions. Any mat needs to accommodate this. Standing on a hard floor such as concrete is bad for your feet, legs and back. Also its uncomfortable.
You want your complete focus to be on your job, not the pain in your back. Our matting can help.
Welding shop flooring also needs to be able to resist high temperature waste. Welding can create a lot of dangerous, hot sparks and molten metal. both of which can start a fire. Its important all aspects of your welding shop are ready for this, especially your floor.
Welding Mat

Anti Fatigue

All our welding mats come equipped with anti fatigue properties. this makes standing, working and welding comfortable. We are experts in anti fatigue matting. We ensure all our mats have the right amount sink, so they stay comfortable without impairing movement.

Notrax Welding Mat

All our Welding mats are made by Notrax who pride themselves on having the best quality mats you can buy.