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Anti-slip Mats for Oily Work Areas

Anti-slip Mats for Wet or Oily Work Areas- Industrial Mats, Anti-Fatigue Mats and Safety MatsMats for Oily Areas

These mats are specially made for slippery industrial or commercial work environments that are exposed to water, lubes or oils.

Ideal to replace wooden duckboards or iron grating with rubber duckboard matting with anti-fatigue properties.

Drainage holes quickly remove liquids and spills keeping the work surface clear.  Perfect for industrial applications for lubing, vehicle painting, garages, welding and special lines for food processing plants that are suitable for contact with vegetable oils and animal fats.

Range of Usage Intensity:

The range includes a wide selection of heavy duty matting for tough industrial environments to medium and light duty mats for commercial applications and food production and food service applications.

Range of Materials:

Anti-slip mats are made from 100% natural rubber for general purpose applications.  Oil-resistant and oil-proof anti-slip mats are made from nitrile rubber compounds.

Range of Grips:

Choose from gritted anti-slip mats with GripStep® for extremely slippery areas or use an anti-fatigue mat in combination with a sorbent for extremely oily areas.

Range of Thickness:

The mats range from 9.5 mm thick (lightweight for easy cleaning) to 25 mm thick for ultimate comfort (heavy duty).

Range of Sizes:

Available in standard sizes or custom designed work spaces using modular tiles that can form any shape or size.