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Rubber Entrance Mats

Large Rubber Entrance Mats for Businesses Rubber Entrance Mat

A large selection of all-purpose rubber indoor and outdoor entrance mats and rubber doormats, such as honeycomb mats, rubber ring mats, rubber scraper mats, rubber finger mats. 

Range of Usage Intensity: The Rubber Mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor entrance mats for general purpose applications, industrial areas or even commercial buildings.

Range of Materials: The rubber mats are made from 100% natural rubber for general purpose applications.  

Range of Patterns: The majority of rubber mats have holes for excellent drainage in wet areas.  The Oct-O-Flex™ rubber mat has specially designed smaller holes to make the rubber mat ideal for outdoor entrances with a frequent wheelchair or suitcase traffic such as commercial and public buildings and airports.

Range of Thickness: The mats range from heavy-duty to lightweight and range from 9 mm thick to 23 mm thick.

Range of Sizes: The rubber mats are available in standard sizes.  Large rubber mats are also available or use connectors to cover larger entrances or areas by connecting large rubber mats together.  Modular rubber mats are also available.

Heavy Duty Rubber

Heavy Duty Rubber Mat

All of our rubber entrance mats are made from 100% natural rubber meaning they can withstand large amounts of foot traffic without wearing down or breaking. These mats are designed for heavy traffic arias and can withstand large amounts of footfall.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

Our rubber mats are weather-resistant so can be used inside or outside. In fact, we have multiple customers who love our Oct-O-Mat because they use it in the mountains in winter around ski lifts. Our mats are great at withstanding the hot, cold and anything in-between

Large Rubber Mats

We provide connectors for both Oct-O-Mat and the Oct-O-Flex. This means multiple mats can be combined resulting in a custom solution that can be used to cover any size area. We can even cut these mats to a specific size.  This means if you need to cover a certain sized aria, its possible.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean Rubber Mat

All of our rubber mats are very easy to clean. If they are small enough you can pick them up shake them off and hose them down. If they are larger you can brush, vacuum or mop them. Our mats can withstand extreme weather conditions so nothing but the strongest cleaning chemicals will damage them.

Alternative Rubber Mats

Are you looking for an anti-fatigue solution for an individual work station in a working environment? Then check out our Work Station Matting. These mats are perfect for people who spend a long time on their feet, standing at a desk, table or work station.

Large Rubber Mat

Modular mats are a great solution for when the area you wish to cover is irregular. Modular matting can be adapted to fit nearly any specification.  In the past, we have even done circles and diagonal lines. Often we can cut any shape you wish.

These Rubber Runners are a great low-cost solution when you need to cover a floor. These runners will provide grip in slippery and dangers arias at a low cost.

Rubber Mat Accessories

Outdoor Rubber Mat

When it comes to rubber entrance mats we offer a few accessories. Firstly we have the Oct-O-Mat coloured brushes. These brushes can be used to customize and personalize your oct-o-mat as well as adding useful scraping functionality. We also offer Oct-O-Mat Connectors and Oct-O-Flex Connectors. These connectors can be used to secure two mats together for larger entrances.

Rubber Door Mats with Holes

Here at we sell a large selection of rubber doormats. Some of our most popular doormats are those with holes. This type of mat is great at draining and scraping. The holes allow for water or other liquids to drain straight through. This reduces the need for cleaning. The holes also provide great resistance for when you are scraping your shoes. The holes pull the dirt of the bottom of shoes effectively and efficiently. Our Oct-o-mat collection is the best set of mats if you are looking for a rubber doormat with holes. our Oct-O-Mats are some of our best sellers in general. This is because they are made of high-quality rubber and stand the test of time. The Oct-O-Mat can perform inside or outside and in high traffic arias.