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Rubber Runners - Rubber Flooring

Rubber Runners - Rubber FlooringRubber Runner

Fine and wide grooves offer exceptional grip to reduce slipping.Multi-functional runners customizable for flooring, shelf liners, vehicle protectors. Fine rib profile Rubber Matting with excellent wear and tear resistance. Easily cut to size and installed to increase safety and reduce slipping. Low profile is perfect for carts or wheels.

Non Directional patterned runners are multi- functional runners customizable for flooring, shelf liners, and vehicle protectors.  The non-directional pattern is easy to clean and provides excellent traction on the non-slip surface while allowing freedom of movement.

Range of Usage Intensity:

The runners, liners or flooring can be used in general purpose applications, industrial areas or even commercial buildings.

Range of Materials:

The runners and liners are made from 100% natural rubber for general purpose applications.  Oil-resistant and oil-proof anti-slip mats are made from nitrile rubber compounds.  The Diamond Plate runner is made from a strong PVC compound that is produced without DOP or DMF.

Range of Patterns:

Choose from Checked, Diamond Plate or bubble patterns depending on preference for ergonomics.  

Range of Thickness:

The mats are lightweight and range from 3 mm thick to 4.7 mm thick.

Range of Sizes:

The runners and liners are available in full rolls up to 10 meters long or per linear meter.