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Logo Mats

Logo Mats for Sale. Buy Now for Free Design by Expert Designer, Free Delivery to All of the UK & Free Samples. Huge Selection of Mats & Sizes Available Now

Logo Mats for UK Businesses 

Logo mats are all about making a great first impression. They are the first step into your building and are a perfect way to promote your company’s image. All great business proudly display their logo in the most prominent place possible, the front door. A great quality logo mat can improve the appearance of any lobby, entrance or foyer. We use state of the art manufacturing technology to ensure the highest quality mats possible which are truly made to last. Here at BuyMats, we offer excellent prices, an amazing product and the fastest turnaround times of anybody in the industry. If you order today before 2 pm we can have your fully customized and printed logo mat at your door within 2 working days! If you are in any way dissatisfied with our mats we offer our money back guarantee with free returns for up to a year.

All Logo Mats

We have a larger selection of customisable Printed mats than any other store. We offer a range of price and print quality that satisfies all our customers. Our mats also come in a nearly infinite range of sizes so you really can find the perfect mat for you. Our cheapest mat is the Logo Standard which only costs £51.02 with free delivery. This is one of our best selling logo mats. Customers love it because of its clear and vibrant images as well as its long life span. When it comes to sizes we try to provide the best service possible. All our logo mats come in a few pre-cut sizes that are popular with customers. However, if you want something different we can do something special just for you. We produce all of the material used for logo mats on “roles”. These roles are 120cm or 90cm wide and 600cm long. This means you can buy a 120cm x 600cm mat if you wanted to. Occasionally we get requests for even bigger mats. This is not a problem, we often our Mat Seeming Tape to safely and securely stick your mats together. Click Here to see All Our Logo Mats.

Logo Standard Logo Superior Logo Imperial
 Standard  £51.02   Superior  £62.56   Imperial  £71.92 

Indoor Customizable Logo Mats

As the name suggests, these mats should be used inside. These printed mats main functional purpose is to absorb the dirt and the small amounts of moisture on peoples feet. This keeps the rest of your building nice and clean.  If left outside these mats will try to absorb rainwater. This is too much moisture for the mat to handle and will result in your beautiful logo being ruined. If you would like an outdoor mat we suggest having a look at our Outdoor Entrance Page. Otherwise, click here to check out our full collection of Indoor Customizable Logo Mats.

Logo Standard Logo Superior Logo Imperial
 Standard  £51.02   Superior  £62.56   Imperial  £71.92 

Indoor Washable Logo Mats

In a sense, all the logo mats we sell are “washable”. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dirt from there surfaces. However, this category of logo mat is special because you can put them in a washing machine. It is important to take into consideration the size of your mat and the size of the washing machine when buying one of these mats. Often a commercial-sized washing machine will have to be used. These mats are not damaged by the washing machine because of the special nitrile backing that is used. Click here to learn more about our Indoor Washable Logo Mats.

Washable Mats  
   Washable  £62.56   

 Shrewsbury Academies Trust Sundorne School
"Thank you so much for the order we placed for 3 logomats. They are fantastic and we have received so many compliments. The service you provided from enquiry to delivery was speedy and excellent - well done!" Read More Reviews

How it's Made: Custom Logo Mats

Have you ever wondered how the logo mats from are made? Check out this video for a behind-the-scenes tour of what happens after you've ordered your logo mat. Click Here!


Printed Custom Logo Mat

Logo Mat in logo matting is custom made mats that are designed and printed with your design, image or logo. The perfect way to promote your company, brand, new products or personalize your entrance. 

Promote your business with the most functional advertising; a custom printed logo mat.  All the benefits of a high-quality entrance mat to reduce cleaning costs and minimize the risks of slips and falls, while maximizing your company brand.

There are 16 standard colours available and any colour can be mixed or matched to make any unique design you may have in mind.   The printing is colour-fast and all the way through the mat to ensure long-lasting brilliant colours. 

The Benefits of Logo Mats Entrance and Barrier Matting

The main function of a mat is to clean and dry shoes.  A proper entrance mat performs the following tasks:

  • stops dirt and moisture from getting tracked into facilities
  • reduces interior cleaning costs
  • prevents slips and falls on wet floors
  • preserves interior flooring by absorbing the initial abuse
  • improves indoor air quality.

Ordering a Logomat Online is Easy

Based on your image, sketch or logo, our designer will create your artwork free of charge and send you the artwork for your approval within 24-hours.  There are no costs for design or changes.  Once approved, your custom mat will be printed and dispatched within 24-hours. 

Logo Floor MatsThe Range of Custom Printed Logo Mats:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Brush Logo Mats
  • Washable Logo Mats
  • Standard Logo Mats

Special features:

  • Slip Resistant Backing
  • Dirt Hiding Characteristics
  • Super Absorbing
  • Custom Printing
  • Wheelchair and Cart Friendly

Good to know:

  • There are no costs for design or changes. 
  • There are no minimum quantities.
  • There is no cost for transport.
  • We offer discounts for large quantities.

How to order logo mats:

1. Select Your Logo MatLogo Mat Printing

  • Select the logo mat size
  • Select quantity*
  • Add to your order.

*We offer a quantity discount for the same design. The more printed mats you order with the same design, the better the price!

2. Customize Your Logo Mat Design

Once you have finalized your order, you will be directed to an easy online form to enter the details of your design.

  1. Select mat orientation and background colour
  2. Attach image or logo.  A high-quality image is preferred.
  3. Select logo location, orientation and colour.
  4. Add optional text. (e.g. Welcome) Select text location, orientation and colour.

3. Review Your Free Logo Mat Artwork

Our graphic designer will create and send your artwork for approval in 24-hours at no cost.  Changes to your artwork are also free of charge.

4. Print Your Logo Mat

Once approved, your mat will be printed and dispatched within 24-hours. 

Printed Mats

In our years of doing business, we have produced hundreds of great quality, well designed and long lasting logo mats. We have worked with countless companies and individuals to meet their logo matting needs. With our advanced mat printing techniques and super-fast turn around times, everyone can have the mat of there dreams. If you have any questions about the process give us a call on 0121 3680 041 and one of our mat experts will talk you through our product.

Request a Free Logo Mat Design

Prefer to see your logo design, before placing your order?  Download our Logo Mat Request Form

Our graphic designer will create your free design using your logo, photo, drawing or sketch in 24 hours. Your mat will be printed and dispatched within 24 hours after approval of the artwork. 

Ideas for Printed Mats

Logo mats are not just about providing a great first impression in an entrance. There are hundreds of other ways you can use them. We have put together a list of some of our favourites. They are all super creative and I hope they can give you some inspiration.

  • First up is this great use of a logo mat as a warning sign to people walking around this warehouse. The printed mat gives very clear instructions that are very hard to miss. The detail in the text and the drawing are really comprehensible. We think this is a creative and functional way to use a logo mat. Not only is it drying peoples feet as they enter the warehouse and keeping it clean, but it is also warning people about the forklift traffic. If you would like a design similar to this but don't have a file to upload get in contact. One of our designers would be happy to draft something up for you free of charge.
logo mats uk
  • This next custom mat is very special and we are very pleased with how it came out. what a wonderful way to commemorate a special day. As you can see we can even print photos on our mats and we are not limited to black and white. If you would like a photo on one of our logo mats we can get it done.  In fact, we will make it so beautifully you will be scared to stand on it.
logo floor mats
  • If you have read our blog post about 3-D Effect logo mats then you know its possible. This customer decided they wanted something similar. As you can see the effect turned out great! This is only possible because our printed mats are such high quality. The lines are sharp and clear with no blurring or fading. 
logo entrance mats
  • This is another mat you might not even want to walk on. This mat was bought and designed by an artist who wanted to show his work in an entrance. The subject of the piece is depicted in the centre of the mat in full colour. Behind them, two other faces are shown as silhouettes in the background. For these Silhouettes, we used many different shades of grey which creates a great effect.
logo mats for businesses
  • Occasionally we get requests from shops and department stores for printed mats. Sometimes these are used in doorways and entrances however often they are used to emphasise a product. In this case, our mats have been used to enhance the buggy display in this supermarket. The personalised mat really makes this buggy stand out from the rest. 
logo carpet mats
  • Not all of our printed mats are designed for aesthetic reasons. Sometimes we sell a mat with a more practical print. Bellow is one of our mats being used o indicate a disabled zone. The white markings on the blue background really stand out, making the area clear and obvious. The next mat across is showing a designated electric car area. Again this looks very professional.
logo floor mats commercial
  • This next printed mat is similar to the buggy mat a few pictures ago. The mat is placed under the product, in this case, a motorbike, to enhance the display. The printed mat makes it clear to the public, this is an object to be looked at. The edge of the mat also acts as a boundary so people do not get to close. 
logo door mats
  • Our logo mats are often used to promote shops in their own entrance ways. However, this is not the only place you can put them. In the picture below you can see the Disney XD brand is using every available surface to promote themselves at this football event. In the background, they have there lorry and display board, both of which display their logo. Most prominently of all, in the foreground, we have a logo mat. As you can see they have taken advantage of every available surface with the help of our logo mat.
logo door mats and branding
  • This mat was used in a cafe just below the counter. It makes great use of browns and blacks to create this beautiful design. Apart from looking great this mat served another purpose,  It shows where customers are meant to stand when ordering. The mat shows, this is the front of the line, you can order here. 
logo entry mats
  • Next up is another mat placed in front of a counter but this time its much longer. This deli is making the most of there floor space to add some extra branding to there space. The printed mats also have instructions on them, such as “pay here”. This helps customers navigate the shop.
logo bar mats
  • Throughout these pictures, we have seen mats used in creative ways to indicate where people should be. whether that be standing, queueing or paying. This next picture is the best example of this. This mat was printed for a hotel reception. It features there name and some text saying “welcome”. The mat is positioned such that the person at the font of the line can stand on it and talk to the receptionist. The next person in line is encouraged to stand off the mat. This provides space and privacy to the hotel's customers and is much prettier than a “stand here” line on the floor
hotel logo mats
  • Printed mats can also be used in children's play arias. Many shops sell printed road carpets as standard, however, this school decided to design their own. This allowed them to, roughly, match the roads on the mat to the roads around there school. This allows the children to play while learning about the surrounding area. The kids love it.
School Logo Mat
  • This next mat really is the hight of luxury. I’m not sure how many of you have private jets, but if you do you need a logo mat. The mat placed at the bottom of the aircraft steps really makes a difference to the experience. It shows the aircraft company are thinking about there customers and want to make their flight as good as possible. Even entering and disembarking the plane is a pleasant experience. This is especially relevant for this type of plane. It looks as though the last step down has a larger drop then the others. If you not ready for this when exiting the plane this might be slightly uncomfortable. The mat provides a cushioning effect which makes exiting the plane a nicer experience. 
company logo welcome mats
  • This last mat shows how our mats cope with fine details. The printed mat shows fish swimming in the sea. The front of the picture shows some plants and rocks. The plants make use of very thin lines which have come out looking great.
logo door mats uk

Designing Your Shop Front with a Logo Mat

When you picture a logo mat in your imagination it is probably at a shop.  This is a good assumption to make, we sell lots of our logo mats to all kinds of shops. Shop front design is a whole science to unto itself. Making a good first impression is essential when dealing with the public. Our printed mats help with this. Customers like to know the shop they are walking into is professional and ready to have their business. Displaying your logo pride of place in the entrance is a great way to show this. If you would like to learn more about Shopfront design and making a good impression check out our blog post, The Most Important Shop Front Design Idea. You will learn what it takes to make a great first impression.

Customer Printed Mats Reviews:

Eindsleigh Street 4:

The customer service was excellent and the product was very good quality. The mats are perfect! Thank you!

Thomas Brown Furnishings Limited:

5* Service from your team. The mat looks world class. Very pleased. Lars is a credit to your company.

Widney Manufacturing Ltd:

Mat was perfect for what we needed, this is our second mat we have purchased from your selves and have had no problems with it. excellent service was good and quick delivery. Thanks guys.

Contract Interior System Ltd:

Very pleased with advise given when I called, design, product generally, and also speed of delivery from order to receiving our new entrance mat with company logo on. Excellent product and service. Thank you.

Ms. Mackay - Private user -:

I would highly recommend this company. Customer service was 100% from start to finish. After searching the Internet for days for a certain Logo mat, I came across this site, I was dubious about how my mat would look but i needn't of worried, My mat was customised and delivered within a week of ordering at a very reasonable price and it looks Great. I would definitely order again. Thanks so much. From a Very satisfied customer.

David Bishop:

Great service from Lars & Richard as usual. Sent off design and was confirmed, produced and delivered in around 72 hrs!

Shrewsbury Academies Trust Sundorne School:

Thank you so much for the order we placed for 3 logomats. They are fantastic and we have received so many compliments. The service you provided from enquiry to delivery was speedy and excellent - well done!

Private customer:

Great service and great product! This is the second time I have used Buymats and the third mat I have had made. The team are very quick and efficient and get your design printed fast.
Everyone that has seen the mats ask where they can get them from.


Mat looks great, thanks for the excellent service.

Oculus Ltd.:

The mat is excellent and I shall be ordering more and recommending you.