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Entrance Mats

Entrance Mats for Sale. Buy Now for Free Delivery to the UK and Free Samples. Huge Selection of Mats & Sizes Available Now

Best Selling Entrance Mats

Guzzler Entrance Mat OCt-O-Mat Superior Inlay
 Guzzler  £20.74   Oct-O-Mat  £22.93   Superior Inlay  £33.16 

Entrance Mats: Heavy Duty Commercial Matting

An entrance mat is a piece of material positioned in close proximity to a threshold in order to clean the shoes of those passing over it. has a large selection of quality entrance mats, barrier mats, floor mats and dirt trappers that are specially designed to scrape dirt and absorb moisture. The right entrance mats keep dirt and soil from entering the building thereby reducing cleaning costs and maintenance. Absorbing mats also reduce the risk of slips and falls due to slippery wet floors.

Carpet Entrance Mats 

This category of mats is one of our best sellers. These mats are so popular because they are so useful, affordable and you can put them in any entrance.  All these mats are made of carpet with a rubber backing. The carpet material is similar to what you may have at home, however much more durable and long lasting.  An entrance mat should be equipped to withstand more footfall than a normal carpet. We offer carpet entrance mats in a range of patterns and designs to suit any entrance. Loose Lay means our mats do not have to be connected to anything. You can just take them out of the box and roll them out on your floor. No installation required. To see our full collection of Loose Lay Carpet Mats Click Here

Guzzler Entrance Mat Diamond CTE Entrance Mat Aqua Trap Entrance Mat
 Guzzler  £20.74   Diamond CTE  £19.70   Aqua Trap  £24.97 

Carpet Entrance Mats - Loose Lay

Outside Entrance Mats

As the title suggests, these mats can be used outside. Normal carpet entrance mats do not perform well in wet conditions. This is because they are designed to absorb the small amount of moisture on your shoes as you walk in. When they are outside and its raining they absorb to much water and become useless. Our outdoor entrance mats do not have this problem because they are all made of rubber. Rubber is great at scraping dirt off shoes and doesn't absorb much water so it is the perfect material for outside. If you still want the carpet look check out our Wayfarer collection. These mats are made of rubber so are perfect for outside, but also look like carpet. To see our full collection of Outdoor Entrance Mats Click Here

Oct-O-Mat Rubber Brush Wayfarer
 Oct-O-Mat  £22.93   Rubber Brush  £29.17   Wayfarer  £85.04 

Outdoor Entrance Mats

Recessed Entrance Mats

We sell these mats specifically to go into mat wells. Some entrances have lowered sections of the floor for a mat. This means you can walk through the entrance, onto and then off, the mat all without changing height level. Mat wells make any entrance look stylish and professional and if you do not already have one we would suggest you look into it. All the mats in this category can be cut to the exact size you need. If your mat well is particularly wide you may need some of our Mat Seaming Tape. To see our full collection of Indoor Installation Mats Click Here

Swisslon Flair Mater Trax Swisslon Uni
 Swisslon Flair  £88.00   Master Trax  £95.86   Swisslon Uni  £101.26 

Entrance Matting Systems - Indoor Installations

Entrance Matting Solutions

This category of mats is designed for transitional mat wells. These are mat wells that move from the outside of an entrance to inside. This means the mats to be suitable for outside and inside use. All the mats in this category are modular. This means you can fit them together in any size or configuration. Most people start with the full rubber mats and such as the Master Flex, then move into the carpeted sections. This results in a good combination of scraping dirt and absorbing moisture. To see our full collection of Indoor & Outdoor Installations Click Here

Master Flex D12 Master Flex D23 Superior Inlay
 Master Flex D12  £15.36   Master Flex C23  £20.34   Superior Inlay  £33.16 

Entrance Matting Systems - Indoor/Outdoor Installations

Entrance Matting Extras

We sell everything you need to install and personalise your entrance mat. We sell brushes, connectors, glue, holds and much more. If you are not sure about what you may need, get in contact and one of our mat experts will be happy to help. Click here to see our full collection of Mat Accessories.

Mat Tape Insert Brush Mat Glue
 Mat Tape  £1.78   Insert Brush  £8.55   Mat Glue  £45.65 

Carpet Accessories


Entrance Mat

The 4 Benefits of Entrance Matting

The entrance is the building’s first impression.

As with any introduction – to people, places, or products – first impressions are critical. Entrances have to satisfy a variety of requirements including attractive design, high throughput rate (even during the busiest of times) and excellent functionality. Entrance mats come in a range of colours and patterns to match any interior and improve the overall aesthetics of the entrance giving it a professional, stylish and upscale appearance making every first impression a great one. Even in between cleanings, mats for entrances should continue to look great after thousands of people have walked over them.

The benefits of commercial entrance mats have been recognized by many sustainable and environmental building assessors, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method). A proper entrance matting system contributes to improving indoor air quality, acoustic performance, extending the useable life of interior flooring materials and reducing maintenance and cleaning costs. LEED, therefore, recommends a permanent entryway walk-off system of at least 10 feet long (up from 6 feet in previous versions of LEED) at all regularly used, exterior-to-interior entrances and entrances from covered parking garages.

1. Entrance Matting Systems Reduce Cleaning Costs

70-80% of the dust, dirt and grime in public buildings is tracked in from the outside and spread throughout the floors (International Sanitary Supply Association). Over a 20-day period, 1000 people can walk in 9.6 kilograms (24 pounds) of dirt into a building (ISSA). Twelve times as much dirt is tracked in during wet weather conditions based on field tests conducted over an 11-month period. Large commercial buildings with heavy traffic areas can see as much as 5000 crossings a day. The benefits of a good entrance matting system are very measurable in annual savings of cleaning costs. The more dirt removed at the entrance, the less can become airborne inside the building. Entrance matting is the first line of defence in keeping dirt and debris from entering the building and can remove up to 85% of the dirt.

commercial entrance matscommercial entrance mattingentrance mats commercial

2. Entrance Door Mats Contribute to Improved Indoor Air Quality

In building design, designers often overlook the benefits of designing entryways and managing buildings to remove tracked-in pollutants from shoes that improve air quality through reduction of air particles. Outside dirt can be a carrier of particulate matter such as dust, pollen, pesticides, bacteria, fungi, animal faeces and insect parts. Dirt particles are deposited on the floor, where they are ground into smaller particles as they are walked on. The smallest particles are suspended in the air, while the larger ones settle back on the floor, where they are ground again. These airborne particles are a large contributor to indoor air pollution which can cause breathing problems, allergies and aggravate asthma. Indoor air pollution is one of the top five environmental risks to public health as often indoor air is found to be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air; (Environmental Protection Agency) and most people spend 60-90% of their time indoors. (American Lung Association). Controlling the concentration of particulates through prevention and cleaning can help relieve symptoms and prevent disease.

commercial entrance matentrance mats ukcommercial floor mats

3. Commercial Entrance Mats Protect and Preserve Interior Flooring

Constant tracking of dirt into the building is also a prime factor in the wearing of interior floors and carpeting.
Dirt and soils have a texture that is similar to a razor which is ground into floors during walking, causing scraping on smooth flooring and as carpets are walked on, their fibres can be cut. Within the first 6 feet, 42 % of the floor’s finish or carpet nap will be removed after only 1500 people have entered thereby shortening the overall life span of interior flooring. Entrance mats are made with coarser fibres that are designed to preserve the floor by absorbing much of the initial abuse that would otherwise shorten the interior flooring or carpeting useable life to protect the investment.

commercial matslarge door matscommercial entrance mats uk

4. Door Mats Help to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips and falls are the leading cause of accidents in homes, hotels, restaurants, and public buildings. (70% occur on flat and level surfaces).

The four main causes of slip and trip accidents are:
• Slippery/wet surfaces caused by water and other fluids
• Slippery surfaces caused by dry or dusty floor contamination
• Obstructions both temporary and permanent
• Uneven surfaces and changes of level

In dry weather, entrance ways can accumulate dirt on the surface. Sand, bits of gravel and dirt are commonly called “boulder dust” because they act as miniature ball bearings when caught between a hard floor surface and a smooth shoe sole. The shoe loses traction and skids away causing the person to lose control and fall.

During bad weather conditions including rain, snow and sleet, interior flooring can quickly become slippery and interior carpet can become saturated thereby increasing the risk of slips and falls. Entrance mats play a role in reducing slips and falls due to wet floors by properly drying wet shoes and in keeping indoor and outdoor entrances accessible for people with mobility impairments such as walking aids and wheelchairs.

entrance carpet commercialinterior matsentrance matting commercial

Who Should have an Entrance Mat?

Commercial Door Mats

Private Enterprise

There are several differences between a commercial doormat and a private doormat. The standard size of a home doormat in the UK is 60cm by 90cm. This is because the standard front door is about 90cm wide. Commercial entrances usually have bigger doors and hallways and as such, need bigger mats. Here on, we offer a huge range of sizes ranging from 60cm by 90cm all the way up to 2m by 20m. Commercial door mats also need to be stronger and more durable than there private counterparts. A commercial doormat is subject to much more traffic over its lifetime. It is also important a commercial door mat maintains its appearance over time. Providing a good first impression for a private home is nice but for a company it is essential. We make all our doormats out of the best quality materials available. They are an asset to all the business that uses them.

Entrance Mat with LogoWith Logo

We have a lot of customers who would like there own logo or print on their entrance mat. This is a great use of a normally underutilised space. An entrance mat with your logo on it will impress everyone who sees it and will let them know you are serious about your branding. You don't only have to print a logo on the mat, we can print anything. In the past, we have printed photographs, directions, art and much much more. For more information have a look at our logo mats page.

Entrance Mats for Business


Trips and slips can be a real problem for certain businesses. having a customer or employee fall and hurt themselves is never good. This is especially true if the fall was caused by a dirty floor. An entrance mat is a perfect way to deal with this problem. A suitable long entrance mat can absorb excess moisture of the bottom of shoes preventing it from spreading around a building. This helps to prevent floors from becoming slippery.

Entrance mats for officesOffices

It is important to keep any office clean. A clean office can improve employee health, show a more Provencial appearance and increase employee productivity. An entrance mat can help with this task. Entrance mats prevent dirt from spreading from the shoes of people coming into the rest of the office.

Entrance Mat for shopsShops

It is important all shops have an entrance mat. Your customers want to spend time in a nice environment. An entrance mat will help you to create this. A good entrance mat will help you to keep the shop looking nice. Nobody wants to see dirty footprints on the floor of any shop. This will put customers off and cause a slipping hazard. An entrance mat is essential for welcoming your customers.

entrance mats for schoolsSchools

Schools need entrance mats for many reasons. In our experience, a schools entrance have some of the most demanding characteristics for a mat. This is because of the high levels of simultaneous traffic and dirt. In many schools during breaks, everyone moves outside. After, everyone moves back inside again. This can happen up to 3 times a day. This means a sturdy barrier mat is needed. This is especially relevant advice when you consider how dirty children's shoes can get.

Entrance Mat for churchesChurches

Like all public buildings, churches need entrance mats. Entrance mats are great at creating a warm and inviting area for your guests. An entrance mat indicates to people you care about the internal cleanliness of the church. People know entrance mats are great at keeping out dirt and are more likely to enter a building with one.

The Complete Entrance Mat Buying Guide

Buying an entrance mat can seem complicated. When looking online there are huge differences in pricing. The compleat range moves from a small low-quality vinyl backed doormat all the way up to an expensive commercial entrance mat. Here at, we focus on high quality long lasting mats. Here is a list of a few things to think about when evaluating different matting options.

Mat Performance


How good is the entrance mat at doing its job? A good entrance mat should stop dirt before it gets into your building. There are many factors that can make a mat good or bad at this. We use the Accelerated Soiling Test to simulate foot traffic and measure the performance of the mat. If you are looking for a high-performing mat have a look at our Swisson range. The Plus, XT and Uni all have amazing scores when it comes to the Accelerated soiling test.

Something else to keep in mind when choosing an entrance mat is whether it is bi-level or flat. Bi-level is just a fancy way of saying ups and downs in the surface of the mat. Bi-level mats remove dirt off shoes with their high points and then store that dirt in the low points. This leaves the high points clean and ready to scrape more dirt. You can then clean the low points with a vacuum. If you are looking for a great bilevel mat check out the Arrow Trax.

Crush Resistant MatWear and Crush Resistance

It is important an entrance mat lasts a long time. A huge part of this is the ability of the mat to resist wearing out and being crushed. The wear test focuses on continually moving an object back and forth over the mat until the fibres are worn away. The crush test looks at an object moving vertically up and down onto a mat. The longer the mat lasts in either of these tests the better.

A big factor in determining how long a mat will last is ist backing. Is it rubber or vinyl? For high traffic arias, we suggest a rubber backed mat. This is because these mats last longer, do not curl up at the corners and are resistant to stains and mildew. We have a large selection of rubber backed mats including The Guzzler, Logo Washable and Aqua Trap. We also have a collection of vinyl backed mats. These mats are great for lower traffic arias and are a little bit less expensive. They also have better chemical resistance than rubber.

Mat FrictionFriction Level

Simply put friction level is just how “slippy or grippy” a mat is. Being grippy is an essential feature for most entrance mats. In fact, many people buy entrance mats to avoid accidents involving slipping and falling. We test this by finding out the Static Coefficient of Friction. Basically, we see how to force it takes to move an object over the mats. If it takes a lot of force to move the object the mat is doing well.

Water RetentionWater Retention

It is important to know how much water your mat will be able to absorb before it reaches its saturation point. If an entrance mat reaches its saturation point before it has a chance to dry it can cause problems. The mat will effectively stop absorbing the moisture of shoes and will actually start making them wetter. This will result in slippery puddles forming behind the mat. Our best mat for retaining water is the Guzzler. You can see the Guzzler in action here.

Entrance MatSize

The perfect mat size for you depends on a few different factors. Firstly there is a minimum size requirement 2.1 meters decided by the Ministry of Housing and Communities. This is based on the standard size of a wheelchair wheel. There is no maximum size for an entrance mat. We suggest getting a mat as long as possible, ideally up to 6m. The more steps people take on the mats the cleaner their shoes will be. If you have damp patches or puddles after your mat you know it is to short.

We Provide Commercial level Mats

There are several differences between a commercial doormat and a private doormat. The standard size of a home doormat in the UK is 60cm by 90cm. This is because the standard front door is about 90cm wide. Commercial entrances usually have bigger doors and hallways and as such, need bigger mats. Here on, we offer a huge range of sizes ranging from 60cm by 90cm all the way up to 2m by 20m. Commercial door mats also need to be stronger and more durable than there private counterparts. A commercial doormat is subject to much more traffic over its lifetime. It is also important a commercial door mat maintains its appearance over time. Providing a good first impression for a private home is nice but for a company it is essential. We make all our doormats out of the best quality materials available. They are an asset to all the business that uses them.

The Amazing 3 Zone System

As we half talked about above, there are lots of benefits to having a matting system in your commercial entrance. For best results, we suggest a three zone system to scrape clean and dry. This system maximizes the benefits of entrance matting.

The Entrance Matting ZonesThe entrance matting zones

Matting solutions that are successful in stopping dirt and preventing slips and falls, address three major zones:

Zone 1:
Scraping Zone catches the first wave of heavy debris with up to 40% of dirt/moisture being removed from shoes.

Zone 2:
Cleaning Zone scrapes fine debris and absorbs moisture in the indoor foyer area for up to 70%.

Zone 3: 
Drying Zone completes the drying process and virtually all dirt and moisture is removed from shoes.

In smaller entrances, it is not always possible to install a large entrance matting system.  It is then advised to split the 3 zones into an outdoor or portico scraping zone and an interior cleaning and drying zone.  For smaller areas, a higher quality entrance mat with a higher absorbing capacity is then recommended.

Entrance Mats UKEntrance Mats to the UK

We can, and often do, deliver our mats all over the world yet our main focus is the UK. For standard orders, we can deliver to the UK within 3-4 working days. If you order before 12 we can normally dispatch your mats the same day. For mats that we need to customize, the delivery time moves more towards 4 days. This is because it takes us some time to add the bevels or cut the mat to your specification.

Commercial Entrance Mats

We are Entrance Matting Experts

We offer a huge range of entrance mats to suit any building. We have over 100 styles of entrance mat and each of these styles comes in up to 10 different colours. This is a huge selection to choose from. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us or give us a call on 0121 368 0041. We are always looking to improve our selection, whether it be new patterns or colours. The newest addition to our line is the Guzzler in Burgundy and is something we are very excited about.

Frequently Asked Entrance Matting Questions

Is Buying or Renting an Entrance Mat Best?

A lot of our customers say they used to rent their mats before they bought them with us. This is a relatively common practice and a question we get asked a lot. Should I buy or rent my mats? We looked into this in a recent blog post. Click here to read more about the difference between buying and renting an entrance mat. You will read about the advantages and disadvantages of renting.

Do I Really Need an Entrance Mat?

Yes. There are loads of advantages to having an entrance mat. One of the main ones is cleanliness. Entrance mats help to remove dirt and moister from your shoes as you enter a building. If you would like to read more about how entrance mats can make your workspace cleaner have a look at this blog post about Scraper Mats.

How Can My Shop Make a Great First Impression?

First impressions are incredibly important when it comes to high street shops. If you want to avoid muddy footprints and dirty floors it would be wise to invest in an entrance mat. If you would like to read more about the benefits of entrance mats for a shop have a look at our blog post about First Impressions.

What are the Benefits of Entrance Matting?

Entrance matting can remove up to 85% of the dirt from shoes and other footwear. If you would like to read more interesting statistics about entrance mats click here to read our blog post about Quality Entrance Mats.

What Should I Think About When Buying a Mat?

There are 4 key things you should think about when buying a mat:

  1. Indoor or Outdoor
  2. Loose Lay or Installed
  3. Safety
  4. Colour Range

To read about all these points and more have a look at our blog post called More Than A Mat which goes into much more detail about how to choose your perfect mat.

How Do I Clean My Mat?

Daily vacuuming and brushing will be fine for the vast majority of our entrance mats. If this is not sufficient try using water and shampoo with a hand brush. For more useful tips and tricks for cleaning, mats have a look at our blog post called How to Clean Carpet Mats.

How Do I Make Sure My Mat Lasts for A Long Time?

There are a few things you can do to dramatically increase the life span of your mat. Firstly vacuum or sweep your mats daily and use water and shampoo periodically. Also, remove stains as soon as possible. Store your mats in a dry area at moderate temperature and handle the edges with care. If you would like to read more tips click here for our Matting Care Guide.