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The benefits of quality entrance matting

4 May, 2015

Does your office, place of work or shop currently have a quality entrance mat to keep dirt and dust out of the main area?

According to research from ISSA, 70-80% of the dust, dirt and grime in public buildings is tracked in from the outside and spread throughout the floors. Placing a dust control carpet mat at your entrance can remove up to 85% of dirt from shoes and other footwear. But it is not only about the amount of cleaning action the mats provide. By placing entrance mats of high quality, the risks of slips and trips are minimized for the people passing the mat. This may seem a small risk to take into consideration, but 70% of these types of accidents happen on flat or level surfaces.

Last but not least, carpet matting can contribute to improved indoor air quality. With the dirt scraping characteristics of the mat dust, pollen and fungi are removed at the entrance and therefore not tracked into the building. A result of this is these particles are not distributed in the air of the main building.


How to I clean my entrance mat?

On, there is the option to choose matting that can be cleaned in the washine machine a 50 degrees Celcius. Look out for the icon of the 50 degree sign in a washine machine.

There are also mats that are unsuitable to place in the washing machine. Should this be done, there is a risk that the matting becomes damages and unfit for use. For these mats, we have found an easy 5 step plan, product by the ISSA, to clean these vinyl-backed mats.

Copy the link below into your browser to start the video. Happy cleaning!