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Choose hygiene and safety: Are you summer proof?

9 June, 2015

Don’t let a fun trip to the swimming pool go down the drain with a nasty slip and trip. By recognizing the risks in and around swimming pools, and taking the necessary action, a day that is expected to be full of fun will go swimmingly!

Research conducted on swimmers that were treated at the Accident & Emergency department (A&E), showed that most swimmers are injured due to falls in or around swimming pool areas (43%) through slips for example.

A day whereby the fun-factor is a priority can all of a sudden become a nightmare with a nasty slip or fall.

These things can happen, you might say. Or maybe not? 


Recognizing the risks around swimming pools

Here are three risks that can lead to injury in and around swimming pool areas!




Slippery, wet floors


The floors in and around swimming pools, sauna's and changing rooms are often extra slippery through the excess of water, shampoos and oils that spill onto the ground. These factors make wet areas unsafe for vistors.




The growth of bacteria

Swimmers take a lot of contaminated substances with them when they head into the swimmingpool. Think of bacteria from the skin, swimming gear, saliva, excreta, skin tissue, sweat, slime, hair, cosmetics and ammoniac. All these bacteria come onto the ground when someone leaves the pool, which can lead to nasty skin diseases1.




An uncomfortable feeling

The flooring in swimming pool areas are often cold en feel uncomfortable for bare feet. This is caused mainly thanks to the well-known science law: hot air rises.  The heat means that the air expands and takes more space. This leads to a  percentage of hot air is lighter than the same perventage of cold air, leading to the scientific principle of the rising of the air. In turn, it means that the cold air  sinks  downwards to the floor.



Responsibility and liability of swimming pool facilities

Nowadays, people are hesitant to accept and acknowledge potential risks, which leads to larger liability risks for swimming pools. There are continuous demands for improved safety regulations in these types of areas. And, it’s not only the visitors that need to be protected from the risks. Did you know that 35% of all work-related injuries are because of slips and trips? 

In the Health & Safety at work Act 1974, written and published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), states that “it shall be the duty of every employer to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees 2. However, using products that often create slip hazards like water, shampoos and oils in these areas is of course difficult to prevent. What an employer can do is make sure that the business utilizes the proper safety measures as much as possible to reduce the risks within the wet areas.

Choose hygiene and safety
As the owner of a swimming pool you are obliged to honour the legislation around the swimming pool to minimize the chance of an accident occurring. The book “Managing health and safety in swimming pools” reflects upon the law changes and new developments concerning equipment, facilities and supervision which include the flooring of swimming pools to reduce the risks of slips.

Determine whether your swimming pool area can be made safer and more hygienic for visitors and employees:  


The solution

The HSE and the government highlight the risks within swimming pool areas should be minimized as much as possible. has an assortment of specially designed Notrax® hygienic anti-slip pool and changing room mats that meet the necessary safety criteria. The advantages of these mats are:

  • The anti-slip surface pattern provides the user with more grip and reduces slips and falls. The pattern also minimizes the shifting of the mat
  • The antibacterial PVC matting promotes hygiene in wet areas
  • Pleasantly soft and warm under bare feet
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for inside and outdoor use thanks to the UV-resistant material.

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, why else should you choose for a Notrax® mat instead of other anti-slip solutions?  After a period of time oils start building up on the floors. This makes anti-slip coatings and safety stickers unusable. The design of the Notrax® floor mats means that liquids are directly drained meaning an effective, economical and durable solution in wet areas. At the moment, offers four different types of pool mats. We present two of these four pool mats.


Gripwalker Lite hygienic anti slip mat

Gripwalker Lite™

This 5.3 mm think hygienic anti-slip PVC mat has an open wave grid. This means that the mat has more grip to minmize the risk of slips and trips. The mat also prevents the growth of bacteria and is very soft, meaning that it is comfortable for bare feet. The Gripwalker Lite™ is suitable for light commercial use and is available in grey and blue.

Does this mat fit in your pool environment? The mat is easy to install, as the mat can be customized to any length op to 12.20 meters! Click here to order your the Gripwalker Lite™ hygienic anti-slip mat (


Akwadek heavy duty hygienic anti slip matAkwadek™

The Akwadek™ is a hygienic anti-slip met with an open structure. Its unique comes from the fact that it is suitable for heavy usage. This heavy mat is hardwearing and therefore convenient for areas where there is heavy foot traffic. The raised platform and open grid construction permits water to flow through freely.

The anti-slip mat can be ordered with connectors to expand the size of the mat both lengthwise and width wise. There are also connectors that allow for 90 degree angles to be made. This means that the mat can be easily placed around a swimming pool to cover the whole area.




Don’t let a fun trip to the swimming pool go down the drain with a nasty slip and trip. As owner of the swimming pool, you are obliged to take caere of your area to ensure that it is both hygienic and safe so that your visitors and employees are guaranteed a safe and healthy experience. As a visitor, you purchased your entry ticket for a safe and clean swimming pool. By acquiring the right products to prevent accidents, like the Notrax® anti-slip mats, the unneseccary accidents are avoided in the swimming pool area. By doing so, a day that is expected to be full of fun will go swimmingly!