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Unique scraper mat deals with daily frustrations

19 January, 2016

There is nothing as irritating as that the hallway of your entrance is filled with muddy footsteps. Imagine; it has been raining outside and your business clients and employees are entering for the day. Once again, the dirty floor needs to be mopped...
Worse yet, imagine that somebody does not have the opportunity to dry and clean their shoes outside the entrance, walks in, and slips and falls.

Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done with the wet weather and these scenarios. Or is there?

The facts

We would not be writing this article if we did not have solution to the problem at hand. But, to show you how much of an issue dirt can be, check out our informative infographic below.

Buymats Dirt in offices infographic - dirt scraper mat solution


The solution

As matting specialists, we recommend the Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™, the next generation outside mat. Thanks to the small drainage holes and the nibs under the mat, rainwater and other moisture is drained from under the mat. This means that the top surface remains clean. Also, the scraping characteristics of the mat ensure that dirt is removed from the shoe soles. In turn, less dirt and moisture is walked-in your entrance.

This scraper mat is made of natural rubber, a raw material that is durable. It is also able to withstand temperature changes, which makes it a great product for all-year round. You’ll notice the beveled edges on all sides of the mat, which reduces the risk of tripping. And, thanks to its weight of 10 kilos per square meter, the mat does not shift. This is also aided by the nibs on the underside of the mat.

Another benefit of the beveled edges is the thickness of 12 millimeter. It allows for easy access for people in wheelchairs or for people with trolleys. The drainages holes of 14 mm diameter (which is meets the EU-norm for public entrances), is suitable for access for high heels. Another great characteristic of the mat is its flexibility, making it adaptable for to uneven surfaces.

The  Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™ is easy to clean and maintain. You can remove any dirt or mud by hosing off the mat.  
More and more organisations are becoming convinced that a quality mat is not found at the local DIY store, as these mats wear and tear much quicker. It is also common that these mats are not accessible for wheelchairs or other wheeled access, due to the missing edging, the thickness or drainage holes of the mat.
An additional factor that comes into play is that the outdoor mat is the first impression a customer has of your business. It therefore needs to look and function perfectly. To compliment the outdoor Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™, an indoor entrance mat to remove the remaining dirt and moisture is recommended. A popular and functional entrance mat is the Swisslon Classic XT™.

Are you curious to learn more about the Oct-O-Flex Bevelled™? Check out the specifications here: