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Buying vs Renting Mats – What’s the best option?

5 September, 2016

At Buymats, we often get asked if it’s better to rent or buy mats, as an experienced supplier of commercial and industrial mats for professional use, we believe that buying is the most economic option. You could say that we think you should…Buymats.

After a discussion in the office on the subject, the Buymats team decided to dig a little deeper into the buying vs renting argument. During our digging we discovered that there are plenty of articles around explaining the reasons for renting entrance and anti-fatigue matting but there aren’t many explaining the reasons for buying.

Buymats wants to tell the other side of the story, why we believe it’s better to buy your matting. We are going to put forward our 3 top arguments for why buying mats is the way to go, so grab a coffee, get comfortable, and let us tell you why.  

At the end of the article we have included a very cool interactive calculator that can show you what your annual savings could be if you buy your mats instead of renting them, be sure to check it out! 

Reason #1
Cleaning Buymats mats – It’s easy!

The main argument that popped up during our research was the issue of cleaning the mats. Cleaning your mats is easy and with a few simple steps you can keep your mat in top condition. As a minimum we advise that you vacuum your mats once a week and this can easily be included in your regular cleaning routine.

If there are stains on the mat from all of those lovely customers passing through your doors, we advise you to use a water jet to clean the mat thoroughly. Afterwards, be sure to place the mat on an incline to ensure that mat is nice and dry. Once dry, it’s ready to once again grace your floors!

Reason #2
Quality ensured – The Notrax® brand

When you purchase your mats from, you can be sure that:

  1. We use the highest quality material
  2. It’s manufactured, checked, and packaged with world-class care
  3. It has been rigorously tested for safety

But how can I be certain?”  We hear you ask. Well, because the mats have the renowned Notrax® brand.  Notrax® are known worldwide for their innovative high quality products, and are leaders in the matting industry, so you can be certain that you are receiving first class products. The list above is at the core of the manufacturing process of all of the mats that are offered on ensuring you can order with confidence.  

Additionally, we only supply brand new mats. (No second-hand or used mats with weird staining on them here)!  You’ll be the first and only owner of any of the shiny new mats that you order. This means that we are confident that with recommended usage and regular cleaning, the mats will last you over 10 years which is a great investment.

Reason #3
Sustainability – Caring for the world

Alright, we’ll be honest this might be a stretch, but it does provide some food for thought. If you have your mats collected on a weekly or monthly basis, it means someone is driving to and from your business to pick them up using fuel and contributing to CO2 emissions. Combine that with the amount of water used in the laundry service, ask yourself, is renting your mats really environmentally friendly?

“But Buymats also uses transportation!”  We hear you cry.

We do use transportation, but here at Buymats, we have carefully selected our delivery partners to ensure that their environmental commitments are in-line with ours.  Our third-party company Dynamic Parcel Distribution, better known as DPD, were selected based on their delivery quality, cost efficiency, and also on their commitment to the environment and their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). DPD have made a commitment to make every parcel they deliver carbon neutral and to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10% by 2020 through their DrivingChange promise, and that is a commitment Buymats are proud to support.  You can check out their full CSR commitments here.

For larger orders that are shipped on pallets, the forwarder GEFCO will take care of the transportation and they too have a strong commitment to the environment and to their CSR. You can read their full commitment to sustainable development and their ecological footprint here.

Cost Calculator – Calculate your savings

Okay, let’s talk about what it all comes down to - money. We understand that however convincing our 3 arguments may have been, it usually all comes down to finance.  What will cost me and how cost effective is it?

Below you’ll find our helpful interactive cost calculator.  All you have to do is:  

  1. Select whether you are currently paying weekly (Calculator 1) or monthly (Calculator 2)
  2. If you pay per rented mat, you can fill in the quantity.  If you have a fixed payment plan, which covers all the rented mats you can put the quantity as “1”
  3. Fill in the amount of weeks/months of your contract
  4. Add the price of your favourite Buymats mat
  5. Check your annual savings!

Be sure you’re comparing apples to apples (or mats to mats in this case) for a fair comparison. Ensure that you’re comparing prices for the same sized mat and mats for the same application. Feel free to contact the friendly Buymats support team if you would like to discuss the best options.