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Logo mats with a printed 3-D effect - Is it possible?

10 January, 2017

Attracting (potential) customers and giving a positive first impression. This is the primary reason why many customers order their logo mats from Secondly, keeping floors clean and dry throughout the day scores high in choosing for a logo mat.

We’ve seen some awesome logo mat designs over the years in a variety of sizes. From funny welcome messages to chique designs and from promoting new products at trade events to a checkered pattern for use in a class room.
But one technique we had not seen before; a 3-D effect on the logo mat. decided to put this one to the test...

Step 1 - Choosing The Design

We decided to come up with a design that would catch people’s attention, which is of course the primary goal of a logo mat.
After some brainstorming, we came up with the vortex idea;  can we give the impression you’re falling into the hole?

For the design to work we also wanted the logo mat to be circular...

The original Vortex design we wanted to print.


Step 2 - The First Impression

The printed design - Impressive!

With the digital representation approved, we sent the design to the printer, eagerly anticipating the outcome.  After printing the mat was cut to the circular form and the  vinyl edging was added to give the mat a finished look.

Onto the final reveal!


Step 3 - The Final Result

We were ecstatic. The effect was better than we had imagined! The 3-D ffect is clearly visible and was quickly gaining interest from colleagues in the office. Just as we hoped!

The best part; making great pictures on the printed logo mat.

The design comes to life - Picture time!


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