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The Most Important Shop Front Design Idea

21 February, 2018

Shop front design ideas can be difficult to think of, but we are here to help. The first few steps, that is the time you will get to make a first impression. Nothing is as important as a good first impression, simply because you only have one shot at it. Would be nice to make it a stunning impression. That's posible with a logo mat of course.

But we have plenty of possibilities, so I will help you pick the right one.

What do You Need for an Amazing Shop Front Design?Design Ideas: Logo Mat in the Shop Front

A goal: What is the purpose of the mat? This can be because you need to brighten up the place. You must promote your awesome new product. You want to show of your customer service skills and welcome your guests at the shop front. Maybe you have been very artsy, and you want to present it to the world. And the mat does of course dry the shoes of the incoming visitors, this is important to keep the entrance safe.

How many? How many visitors are coming in your shop every day? The more the merrier of course but this also influences the logo mat. With a high traffic rate, the Standard logo mat will not suffice anymore. The purpose is naturally to have the mat looking as cool for the first 500 visitors as the second and third.

Design? How will it look? This is where it gets fun. Design wise we can make (almost) everything. Colourful, simple, abstract, boring, 3D effects, shadows, photographs and many more. With our 100 standard colours and some secret skills we easily create a design that you love. What we need to create your design is of course the logo, the colours of the logo as well as the background colour, the dimensions of the mat and the orientation of the printing.

Sizing? Where is your mat going to be installed and what do we need to keep in mind? For example, our washable mats are machine washable, obviously but they only come in standard sizes. Our other models, like the Logo Imperial™, are available in standard sizes but customizable as well. 135 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm are the widths of our rolls and we can go up to 600 cm in length. This is for when you want to make an enormous first impression. Or round, why not?


Curious if we can indeed make something cool from your logo or design? Send us a quick email, and let’s get started.