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Matting Care Tips

12 April, 2013


To help you get the best possible use of your mat and to maintain its appearance and usefulness over the longest possible time, we suggest you the following: 

Dust Control Mats

  • Vacuum (or sweep with a broom): It is important to vacuum or sweep daily the top surface of your mat especially in heavy traffic areas but as necessary as to vacuum or broom weekly under your mat.
  • Wet Shampooing: A periodically shampooing is recommended. The use of a brush with neutral synthetic detergent with water is advised.

If the mat contains an excessive amount of soil, use detergent with brushing has described above followed by rinsing the mat with cool water until soil is removed. Place it finally in an inclined position to drain dry.

If on site maintenance is not available, we recommend to use a professional shampooing service in which case the use of flat washing equipment is compulsory and a temperature of 40˚C is not to be exceeded.


Logo mats are machine washable at 50˚C.

  • Stain removal: A sponge or a cloth will be efficient enough to remove stains. In case of oil/grease stains, we recommend you to use a dry cleaning fluid in small amounts and blot the stain until it is removed. If a spill occurs, use any clean absorbent material in order to soak up as much liquid as possible.


  • Storage & handling: Roll the mat compactly with the pile facing out. The roll should be laid flat and should not be crushed. The storage space should be in a dry area with moderate temperature. Handle vinyl edges with care.


  • Shedding or fuzzing: A shedding or fuzzing condition is not a carpet defect, but rather common to all few fabrics. This will disappear after a few vacuuming.




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