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Rubber Brush™ Rubber entrance mat with flexible bristles to brush shoes clean.

Rubber Brush™
Thousands of flexible fingers provide automatic shoe cleaning action when foot pressure is applied. Moulded rubber backing has non-shifting suction cup design underneath. Classic outdoor scraper mat stop dirt, grit and grime from entering the building. Made from a durable rubber compound, this mat can withstand the heaviest of foot traffic, are easy to clean and practically weather proof. These mats have excellent adherence and adapt to any surface. Bevelled edges improve safety and allow easy cart access.
Colours and textures
  • Black
Brand Notrax®
Product Number 345
Material Natural rubber
Thickness 16 mm
Weight per m² 13.60
Dimensions 60cm x 80cm, 80cm x 100cm, 90cm x 150cm, 90cm x 180cm
Usage Heavy traffic
Environment For placement inside entrances of hotels, shops, department stores, schools, universities, restaurants, supermarkets.