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Guzzler™ Robust Barrier Mat with Moulded Cubes Barrier mat with moulded rubber border holds up to 6 litres per m².

Guzzler™ Robust Barrier Mat with Moulded Cubes

Guzzler™ Description - 166

Rubber-backed barrier mat  with rubber border holds up to 6 litres of water per m².  Moulded cubes scrape and trap dirt. Gripper backing keeps the mat in place. Click here for a Free Sample

  • Tough, long-lasting carpet mat that lives up to its name Guzzler. 
  • Raised waffle pattern that works double duty; it removes and traps dirt and moisture.
  • Rubber reinforced borders and backing provide maximum strength.
  • Raised rubber border on all 4 sides acts as a containment barrier; holds up to 6 litres of water per square meter.
  • Cleated backing to minimize movement on all surfaces and keeps mat elevated allowing wet hard floors to dry underneath
  • For placement inside entrances in schools, universities, public buildings, sports facilities, shopping malls.

Professional and commercial entrance matting solutions and door mats are specifically for commercial and public use.  The benefit of proper entrance matting is to prevent dirt and grime from being tracked indoors. This also reducing cleaning expenses and keeps entrances clean and presentable in-between cleaning rounds.  The matting varies in scraping, cleaning and absorbing functions as well as in quality and durability.

Large, High Quality Door Mat
Large Door Mats

The Guzzler is one of our best selling mats because of its great quality construction and reasonable price. Over time we have added more and more sizing options to the line. Our smallest option is the standard 60cm by 90cm (24" by 36"). A standard size frond door is 90cm wide. We designed this mat to fit perfectly in a single door entrance. Our largest Guzzler is 120cm by 300cm (47" by 118"). This size is great for large hallways and entrances. If we do not have the size you need contact us or give us a call (0121 368 0041). We probably have another mat that suits your needs.

The Perfect Carpet RunnerCarpet Runners

We class the Guzzler as a carpet runner. Carpet runners are long thin strips of carpet. often less than 1 meter wide but very long. They are used in hallways, on stairs and in entrance ways. They are popular because they make a room look wider and more spacious. When choosing the size of your runner it is important to leave a small gap of 10cm between it and the wall. This will avoid the room looking cramped.

A Great Entrance Mat

The Guzzler is a great choice when it comes to your entrance. Its stylish and functional squared pattern looks great in any setting. When it comes to colours we have a large selection for you to choose from.

If you are at all uncertain about your color choice order a Free Sample so you can see it for yourself. We will send you an envelope with a section of mat in any colour or colours you like, so you can try it out in your own entrance.

Green Entrance Matting

The Green Guzzler is best described as emerald. This darker shade goes well with tan, terracotta, cream and navy blue. We sell a lot of these mats to stately homes and hospitals.

The Brown is a light and earthy colour which hides dirt well. This colour goes great light blue, beige, other shades of brown, cream and yellow ( for a retro look) . This colour is particularly popular with private homes and in schools. As they appreciate the lighter shade in there smaller entrances.

The Blue shade is relatively dark because it has a mix of blue and dark gray strands. It goes great with white, grey, yellow and other shades of blue. This shade is very popular with office receptions where it matches the white furniture.

Charcoal often gets confused with gray but in reality they are both very different. The charcoal is much lighter bordering on silver. This hint of silver is almost reflective which is a feature pictures cannot do justice. This mat goes great with white, cream, gray, yellow, and pink. This is a smart mat that looks great in any serious entrance.

Brown Entrance MattingBlue Entrance MattingCharcoal Entrance Matting

Burgundy is the newest shade to be added to our line up and we are really excited about it. It goes great with black, gray, white, ivory and navy blue. The mat is not to dark and does not overpower the entrance. This is our lightest shade so far and we hope you enjoy it as much as us.

Grey is one of our best sellers. its is darker than the charcoal and has a matter finish. It goes great with yellow, red, navy blue, black, grey and white. We sell these mats to everyone and they look great in any entrance. If you do not want your mat to overpower your entrance and would just like it to blend in, this is the shade for you.

The Red is one of my personal favorites and is featured in our video above. It goes great with white, cream, grey, black and sky blue. This mat looks great in our larger sizes and really gives that red carpet feel.

Burgundy Entrance MattingGrey Entrance MattingRed Entrance Matting

Strong Rubber BackingRubber Backed Mats

The Guzslerc omes with a great quality cleated rubber backing. This serves two functions. Firstly it ensures the mat does not slip on when placed on hard surfaces. Secondly, if the mat is placed on carpet, the backing makes sure its not damaged. This mat can be placed on top of carpet without damaging it. The cleated rubber backing distributes weight evenly resulting in no undue ware. Many of our customers buy the Guzzler to protect high traffic areas in there entrances where their carpet is likely to be damaged.

Dirt Trapping MatDirt Trapper Mat

The guzzler is designed to trap dirt. The razed squares do a great job at scraping the bottom of shoes to remove dirt. The mat also does an amazing job at absorbing moisture. The video above shows just how much liquid it can soak up. We designed this mat to be the perfect entrance mat, in looks and functionality.

Did you know a customer only needs 0.25 seconds to form an opinion about your entrance? Read more facts and important of quality entrance in the article here.

Guzzler Reviews 

Private | 20 Apr 2019

What's not to like, it's a modern looking simple square patterned mat that sticks to the floor like a limpet and looks very hard wearing just what I was looking for.

Bawdsey Radar | 5 Apr 2019

Product does exactly what it says....we use ours at the entrance to reception and when visitors arrive sopping wet it means they do not make a public area slippery and potentially hazardous Delivery of mat was fast, on time, properly documented and well parcelled up.

Olive Dental Care | 30 Mar 2019

Excellent product . Might be helpful if you provide a few more smaller sizes

Gordon and Macphail | 20 Feb 2019

good service with fast delivery

Private | 10 Feb 2019

Great service, delighted with purchase

Private | 16 Nov 2018

Excellent service from requesting samples to ordering. Would definitely recommend! Thank You Beverley Kitson

Colours and textures
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Charcoal
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Burgundy
Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 166
Material Decalon® yarns
Thickness 10.50 mm
Weight per m² 5.20 kg
Dimensions 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 120cm, 90cm x 150cm, 120cm x 180cm, 90cm x 300cm, 120cm x 300cm
Usage Heavy traffic
Application For loose lay placement.
Environment Indoor
Fire Rating ASTM D2859 passes DOC-FF-1-70, Pass