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Arrow Trax™ - Tough indoor dirt scraper - 118 Best value needlepunched entrance mat with chevron pattern.

Arrow Trax™ - Tough indoor dirt scraper - 118


Description Arrow Trax - 118

Notrax® Arrow Trax™ mat is a great value for commercial use in high traffic entrances.  Attractive carpet mat with a needlepunched chevron pattern that offers aggresive scraping combined with superior crush resistance to last in heavy traffic entrances.  Perfect for schools and universities. Aanvraag Stalen

  • A very aggressive scraping action is owed to its non-directional chevron pattern.
  • One of the most popular carpets mats offering tremendous value.
  • Durable crush resistant fibres provide moisture and grime retention.
  • Dense vinyl backing is moisture resistant is slip resistant.

Professional and commercial entrance mats are specifically intended for heavy foot traffic in commercial and public areas.  The benefit of proper entrance matting is to prevent dirt and grime from being tracked indoors. This also reducing cleaning expenses and keeps entrances clean and presentable in-between cleaning rounds. The matting performs scraping, cleaning and absorbing functions and is known for its quality and durability.

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Tremendous Value | Available per linear meter


Matting Tip: Ordering Custom Lengths

Custom length matting is cut to any specified size with unfinished edges, which is ideal if the mat will be laid in a recess, matwell or existing frame.  Custom mats that are intended for loose lay can be supplied factory finished with bevelled nosing to prevent tripping on the mat.  To order, enter the desired length of the mat and check the box to add an applied vinyl edge at both ends of the mat.  This will add a total of 5 cm to the length of the mat.


Colours and textures
  • Autumn Brown
  • Brown
  • Charcoal
  • Grey
Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 118
Material 100% anti-static polypropylene fibres
Thickness 10.00 mm
Weight per m² 3.70 kg
Dimensions 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 150cm, 120cm x 180cm, 130cm x 300cm, 130cm x 600cm, 130cm x 20m, 200cm x custom length in cm, 200cm x 20m, 130cm x custom length in cm
Usage Heavy traffic
Application For loose lay placement.
Environment Indoor
Fire Rating ASTM D2859 passes DOC-FF-1-70, Pass