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Mat Seaming Tape - Entrance Mat Accessories Black vinyl seaming tape for widthwise or lengthwise bonding of vinyl carpet mats

Mat Seaming Tape - Entrance Mat Accessories

Description Mat Seaming Tape - 092

The Mat Seaming Tape is designed for secure bonding of 2 or more vinyl backed carpet mats. By seaming the mats from the same Mat Seaming Tape roll in the same direction of the carpet grain, an undetectable seam is ensured to maintain a high quality appearance of the mat. 

  • Black vinyl seaming tape
  • Patterned gluing surface
  • Embossed protective paper ensures gluing surface remains clean
  • Use Notrax® Super Glue to apply the Mat Seaming Tape
  • For widthwise or lengthwise seaming 
  • Only to be used of vinyl backed carpet mats


Apply with Notrax® Super Glue | Widthwise or lengthwise seaming

Colours and textures
  • Black
Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 092
Material Vinyl
Thickness 2.00 mm
Weight per m² 0.01 kg
Dimensions Custom length in cm (Loose), Custom length in cm (Applied), 5cm x 45.7m
Application Use on custom cut borders to produce a safe and clean bevelled edge
Environment Indoor/Outdoor