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Logo Superior™ Create your custom design mat. No design costs. Next day printing.

Logo Superior™
This product is being discontinued. The Logo Superior™ dust control mat is densely tufted with an even velour surface for extreme high definition printing to ensure a high water absorption capacity and dirt removal for a highly effective solution. A durable vinyl backing with a smooth finish adapts to any surface. Logo Superior™ can be fully customized with BrilliantStep™ state-of-the-art printing technology allowing 3-dimensional effects, fine lines and colour shading, for each mat to have its truly individual image. Artwork is supplied within 24-hours. The mat is printed 24 hours after the artwork approval is given.
Colours and textures
Brand Notrax®
Product Number 198
Material Velours 100% polyamide 6.6 twist yarns
Thickness 8 mm
Weight per m² 3.00
Dimensions 130cm x 200cm, 90cm x 150cm, 120cm x 180cm, 60cm x 90cm
Usage Medium traffic
Environment For placement inside entrances of hotels, shops, department stores, schools, universities, restaurants, supermarkets.
Special characteristics Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting