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5- Channel General Purpose Guard Dog Cable Management System General purpose 5-channel cable protection system for all-weather.

5- Channel General Purpose Guard Dog Cable Management System

Description 5-Channel general purpose Guard Dog -  PGD5125

5-channel cable protector with hinged lid that protects valuable electricle cables and hoselines from damage. Provides safe crossing for vehicles and pedestrian traffic. Suitable for cables up to 3.4 cm thick and 3.4 cm wide. The modular interlocking design is ideal for use in amusement parks, entertainment venues and sporting events. Also suitable for public, commerical, industrial, construction and utility applications.

  • All-weather polyurethane construction
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface for maximum traction
  • Modular interlocking design for easy setup
  • Reinforced hinged lid for easy cable placement
  • Dog-Bone connectors to extend to any length
  • Protects cables and hoses up to 3.4 cm thick
  • Ideal for us in a range of industrial and commerical applications

5-channel cable protection | Suitable for all weather

Colours and textures
  • Orange/Black
Dimensions 50cm x 91cm