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Cushion Ease™ Heavy duty anti-fatigue mat of natural rubber for general purpose use.

Cushion Ease™
Modular rubber anti-fatigue mats with holes for excellent drainage and aeration leaving a dry, clean work area. Square snap-together units of 91 cm x 91 cm that can be assembled effortlessly and laid out from wall-to-wall or as islands in any direction or shape. Compatible with patented MD Ramp System™ for smart safety bevelling solutions; allow out and inside corners. Superb anti-fatigue properties due to its unique design underneath and high-quality resilient rubber compounds. Designed to yield a long service life.
Brand Notrax®
Product Number 550
Material Natural rubber
Thickness 19 mm
Weight per m² 12.00
Dimensions per m2, 91cm x 91cm
Usage Heavy duty
Environment For placement in manufacturing plants, production lines, assembly lines, CNC machines, metal working for individual workstations and custom work platforms
Special characteristics Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting