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ESD Coil Cord - ESD Mat Accessories ESD Coil Cord connects a wristband to a common ground point on table mat.

ESD Coil Cord - ESD Mat Accessories

Description ESD Coil Cord - 053

 Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Coil Cord connects a wristband to a common ground point on table mat.

  • 1 Meg resistor, 10 mm socket snaps to wristband, and the other end is a banana plug.
  • 1,8m cable
  • For use with the ESD Wrist band

As electronic equipment becomes smaller and faster, the hardware is also more susceptible to static shocks. Electro Static Discharge - ESD mats are protective safety matting specially designed to drain static electricity build up on workers that protects them from unpleasant static shocks but also protects sensitive electronic equipment.

The simple act of walking or even sitting can generate several thousand volts of electricity on the human body. If not properly controlled, this static charge can easily discharge. If the discharge was felt, it was probably more than 2000 volts. Most people do not feel an ESD shock unless they are charged to over 4000 V. If you heard it, then it could have been between 3000 - 5000 volts. If you actually saw a small blue spark, it was more than likely in excess of 10,000 volts.

Prevent static build up and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) with the use of ESD mats and ESD accessories.

Complete Line of ESD Accessories

Brand Notrax® Mats for Professional Use
Product Number 053
Thickness 1.80 mm
Weight per m² 0.16 kg
Dimensions ESD Coil Cord
Usage Medium duty
Application Industrial Environments
Environment Dry Areas